Have you heard that the Administration for Community Living encourages everyone to celebrate National Older Americans Month every May? As spring is blossoming and people are participating in outdoor activities and engaging with others in their communities, it can be the perfect time to make sure you are including Older Americans in your social circle. If you have aging parents or other relatives for whom you are a caregiver, it can also be a good time to reach out to others for help. Let us review four tips for caring for aging Florida seniors during National Older Americans Month.

1. Include Loved Ones in Your Routine. If you are a primary caregiver for an aging Florida senior, you may feel that you spend much of your time focused on the senior’s daily needs, from doctor’s appointments to grocery shopping to facilitating an evening routine. It can be equally important to include your loved ones in your own routine. Many seniors would love to spend more time interacting with the younger generation, rather than always focusing on “getting old” in their own homes. Invite your loved one over to your house for dinner, or to watch your child’s sporting game. 

2. Encourage Interaction with Kids. In addition to getting your loved one out of the house and into the community, having them attend your child’s events to cheer them on can also encourage further interaction with grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or the children of other loved ones. Older Americans have a lot to teach the younger generation, and most of it happens in the course of regular interaction, not just special events like Grandparents Day at school.

3. Community Activities. Many cities and towns have senior centers where older Americans can find programming that suits them, and also find new friends, which can be important to many older adults who move to places like Florida where they may not have a huge social circle, or where some of their friends may have already passed away. Senior centers can be vital parts of the community and can be a great place for your loved one to spend his or her time.

4. Seek Advice from an Elder Law Attorney. Help your aging Florida loved ones find a few qualified elder law attorneys in your area and decide which one might suit them best. A qualified attorney who can assist your loved ones with estate planning needs and other legal issues seniors face can be crucial to setting your loved ones up for the future.

Our office remains committed to serving Older Americans and their loved ones as they confront the many legal issues associated with aging. For assistance, please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment.