Did you know that, unlike criminal or family law attorneys, elder law attorneys are defined by the population they serve: seniors and their adult children? Elder law attorneys focus on the specific needs of older adults, including housing, long-term care planning, Medicaid and Medicare planning, and more. Let us review five specific reasons why you may need an elder law attorney.

1. Power of Attorney. A power of attorney can allow an adult you trust to manage your affairs and make decisions for you when you are unable to do so. It can be vital to set up a power of attorney before you have any significant mental or physical health complications. 

2. Medicare, Medicaid, and Long-term Care Planning. Long-term care can be very expensive. While insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid can help, these programs are complex. The best time to think about how you might pay for long-term care is well before you need it.  However, if you need long-term care now, it may be critical that you and your loved ones speak with a knowledgeable elder law attorney now to protect your assets and help you understand what the restrictions and limits on eligibility are. 

3. Veterans Benefits and Disability Benefits. If you have a disability, or were in the military, you may be entitled to additional benefits or accommodations. An elder law attorney can help ensure that you are receiving the care you need and deserve, and that appropriate accommodations are being made for you. 

4. Estates Need Planning. A knowledgeable elder law attorney can help ensure that your assets go to the people and charities that you want to receive them, and not to predatory creditors or to unnecessary taxes. Additionally, estate planning makes it easier on your loved ones to carry out your wishes after you have passed. Instead of dealing with a headache of paperwork and forms, they can focus on remembering you and passing forward your legacy. 

5. Elder Abuse Can be a Significant Risk. Elder abuse can happen anywhere, even in the finest facilities. An elder law attorney can help protect you from traumatic abuse and financial abuse, and they can seek punishment and restitution if someone you love is victimized. 

For assistance navigating these issues and related elder law matters, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.