Do you have a Florida estate plan? Are you keeping up-to-date in regard to any impacts from current or pending tax law changes or legislation to your Florida estate plan? At our law firm we stay informed in regard to the tax laws and legislation so that we may focus on the specific needs of our clients who may need assistance with estate planning that will help them both now, and in the future.

Regarding the impact of taxes on your Florida estate planning, it can be very complicated. That is why it is very important to have a good relationship with an experienced Florida estate planning attorney, especially in years when the tax code may change. In addition, once you have created your estate plan, it is important to see your attorney regularly and keep your estate plan up-to-date..

Our clients know that they can rely on our firm to keep them up-to-date on any and all changes in both taxes and legislation. Our clients know they can trust us and they look to our firm for guidance and this is a role we welcome. Estate planning is an area of law defined by what the client needs at a particular time and circumstance in life, knowing these plans could change later. Estate planning attorneys provide comprehensive Florida estate planning, durable power of attorney and other important financial legal documents, health care planning and end of life care, long-term care planning and assistance in navigating the changes that could impact the longevity of the created estate plan.

We can ensure that your Florida estate plan will remain relevant by our firm knowing when the tax laws change and how to address these changes. The impact of taxes, what type of estate plan to have, how to create a legacy and navigate the estate and gift tax structure are complicated issues. An experienced estate planning attorney can assist you and your loved ones in handling such issues.

Want to give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind? Create your estate plan now or revise an existing one. By planning sooner rather than later you not only help ensure that the potential tax costs are covered, but your estate plan may also protect your life savings from being depleted due to poor or inexperienced planning.

As experienced Florida estate planning attorneys we use a variety of legal tools and techniques. Our firm takes into consideration many of the key issues that Floridians face: tax changes, financial well-being, health concerns and autonomy, legacy and family protection, and quality of life. For assistance in estate planning matters, please contact our office to set up a meeting time.