My wife and I or real estate investors and had initially set up our estate plans several years ago and over the years our Financial circumstances changed. In my research of financial planner in the Coral Gables area , Mr. Perlins accreditations and years of experience stood out. In my further speaking with friends and neighbors regarding Mr. Perlin everyone Who knew Mr. Perlin had wonderful comments.

I contacted Mr. Pearlman to revamp and update my estate plan and found him to be extremely reasonable,personable,professional, kind and sincerely interested in protecting and securing our assets to some day be passed on to our Family. After realizing that Mr. Pearland possess a wealth of knowledge I have contacted them regarding other business matters and he is always available and very giving with his knowledge in time.I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Perlin and I would highly recommend him and his services to to everyone who is in need of a professional financial planner or any of the other services Mr. Perlin offers.