Have you wondered why you might need a local Florida estate planning attorney? Are you aware of how many families live in “non-traditional” configurations? In fact, there has definitely been an expansion in the definition of what a traditional family is. But when it comes to estate planning, the process can be trickier if your family does not fit into the classic mold of two married opposite-sex parents and two biological children.

In fact, it is critical that you get the correct estate planning tools in place to ensure your family is provided for in the manner you want for them. If you have ever been divorced or had a child with a partner other than your current spouse, and you still have minor children, it may be important to choose a local Florida estate planning attorney. Your local Florida estate planning attorney should have experience with blended families in order to guide you through the estate planning process.

Typically, married parents leave everything they have to the other parent, trusting that this person will use the money to care for their children. However, if you are divorced or re-partnered, did you know that one of the most important criteria in choosing a Florida estate planning attorney may be finding a local Florida estate planning attorney who can assist you in making arrangements for both your new partner and your minor children?

Did you know there are many types of families? Some blended families are “yours, mine, and ours” configurations wherein one or both parents have children from a prior marriage. Some of those blended families may then have additional biological children born into the new marriage. There are also some single parents who have their own households, while others live with extended families who develop close relationships with their children that are parent-like in nature.

Are you currently not married to your child’s other parent, and are you in any of the above mentioned situations? Then finding a Florida estate planning attorney in your area who has experience beyond cookie-cutter configurations may be important to make sure the right financial arrangements are structured. Be aware that when you are no longer married to your children’s other parent, making sure that your children are financially safe may require you to name a custodian for any money they will inherit as minors. Unless you are extremely amicable, most single parents would not choose their ex-partner as this custodian, even if the children would ultimately live with that person due to legal custody arrangements.

However, through estate planning you can choose your current partner, a grandparent, or any friend or relative you trust to manage your children’s inheritance. It is important to choose someone. The right Florida estate planning attorney will guide you in making this choice.

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